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and defeat Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. is 100% volunteer driven with no one taking a penny in salary.



Tell Congress: Protect our Right to Choose!

The defense of abortion as a right is a defense of basic human dignity, health, and freedom. It's about ensuring that every individual has the autonomy to make decisions about their own body and future.

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It's a call to action for preserving the rights hard-won by previous generations and ensuring that these rights are not eroded but protected and extended for all. Lives, indeed, are on the line, and the time to act is now.

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Open humanitarian corridors for children in Gaza

The conflict in Gaza has led to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis, with many thousands of deaths, mostly women & children, since the tragic events of  October 7th. This violence has affected civilians in the West Bank and Israel, resulting in significant loss of life.

The United Nations reports that over a million children in Gaza face severe shortages of essentials and are at risk of lifelong trauma. Despite efforts, a ceasefire has not yet been achieved, and the situation continues to worsen.

We urgently call for the immediate opening of humanitarian corridors to provide vital aid and protection to all civilians, especially children and women. Establishing these corridors is not only a plea for immediate relief but also a fundamental call for humanity and the protection of innocent lives. 


Help End Shark Killing Tournaments in Florida!

Shark-killing tournaments, like the one planned in Jupiter, Florida, represent more than just a contest; they embody a profound disrespect for life and nature. These tournaments, far from being a means of sustenance or conservation, are driven by the thrill of the kill, promoting a dangerous disregard for the essential role of sharks in our ecosystems. Sharks, as apex predators, are crucial for maintaining the health and balance of our underwater world. Alarmingly, shark populations are in steep decline, dropping by 70% in the last 50 years due to overfishing, habitat loss, and events like these tournaments. 

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By opposing shark-killing tournaments and advocating for respect and conservation, we can take a stand for ethical treatment of all life forms and for the preservation of our planet’s intricate and precious natural systems. Your voice matters in this effort. Together, we can work towards a future where all life is valued and protected.

Join our cause with just $10 and extend our reach by nearly 100 additional voters!


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