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Congress: Protect our Right to Choose!

The defense of abortion as a right is a defense of basic human dignity, health, and freedom. It's about ensuring that every individual has the autonomy to make decisions about their own body and future.

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It's a call to action for preserving the rights hard-won by previous generations and ensuring that these rights are not eroded but protected and extended for all. Lives, indeed, are on the line, and the time to act is now

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Open humanitarian corridors for children in Gaza

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has resulted in a catastrophic loss of life, with over 25,000 casualties, 70% of whom are children and women since the October 7th bombardment, with additional deaths in the West Bank and Israel.

 The United Nations has reported that over a million children face severe shortages of essentials and are at risk of lifelong trauma. The situation is escalating, with efforts for a ceasefire yet to be successful. We demand an immediate end to the loss of innocent lives, particularly of children, women, and civilians in Gaza. The establishment of humanitarian corridors is not just a plea for relief but a call for humanity.

Stop Genocide in Gaza!

The relentless bombardment and military operations by the Israeli forces in Gaza have resulted in an alarming loss of civilian lives, including women, children and elderly (about two-third of the population), destruction of critical infrastructure, and an acute shortage of basic necessities.

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The people of Gaza are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with no access to electricity, food, and clean water, exacerbating an already dire situation. Time is of the essence, and any delay in taking concrete action may lead to irreversible consequences for the people of Gaza. The United Nations must act swiftly and decisively to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the immense suffering endured by the innocent civilians in Gaza.

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