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Maximize your impact: 100% of your donation fuels our campaign to secure more Democratic seats in the US House & Senate and to defeat Trump. is 100% volunteer driven with no one taking a salary.


End the Subminimum Wage

In 2024, it is legal for employers to pay their employees less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 in 43 states - sometimes as little as $2.13. Not only is this wage unlivable for workers and their families, but it creates an environment ripe for harassment and discrimination as a reliance on tips forces workers into bad situations


Fund Universal School Meals

Thousands of American children face hunger and struggle to learn in school. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic brought increased access to free, healthy meals for school-aged children, but now that funding has been cut off. Sign the petition now and tell Congress to fund universal school meals, so no child has to face hunger at school! 

Join our cause with just $5 and extend our reach to 50 additional voters!

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