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At, we are driven by a deep belief in the power of grassroots organizing and the importance of a democracy that truly represents the voices of the people.

We refuse to accept the broken organizing system in campaigns that have led to wasted funding and unfulfilled promises. Our mission is clear: to support Democratic candidates who will wholeheartedly fight for our shared values.

When we envision a better system, we imagine a world where every hard-earned dollar holds tangible significance — a world where each contribution directly contributes to electing candidates who passionately champion progressive policies. We firmly believe that this system should be driven by individuals like yourself — individuals who recognize the urgent need for change and are ready to step forward and make a meaningful difference.

The current state of affairs in campaigns is undeniably disheartening.

Countless millions of dollars are squandered on ineffective TV ads, glossy mailers that ultimately find their way into the recycling bin, and overpaid consultants who struggle to resonate with voters. This inefficient allocation of funds undermines the very essence of democracy itself—a fair and representative system that empowers the voices of the people.

However, we firmly believe that there is a better way—a superior approach that can revolutionize the landscape of political campaigning. Our innovative grassroots model empowers local volunteers and dedicated activists to directly engage with voters, bypassing the wasteful middlemen and embracing a more direct and personal connection.

We invest in cutting-edge technology, employ data-driven strategies, and utilize targeted outreach to maximize the impact of every single dollar.

Through these means, we ensure that our resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, thus generating real and tangible change.

At, we work tirelessly year-round to make a profound difference in battleground states and to help elect Democrats across the nation.

In this vital mission, we invite you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us.

Together, we possess the power to construct a stronger democracy — a democracy that amplifies the voices of the people and elects leaders who will tenaciously labor toward a more progressive future. Stand with, and let us chart the course of our nation's destiny hand in hand.

Please chip in to support our work today.

Expand Social Security

The CBO estimates that the Social Security retirement trust fund will run out of money in 2032 or early in 2033 if nothing is done to enhance it. Tell Congress that our youth deserve a robust Social Security program. Demand that they pass the Social Security Expansion Act! 


Join our cause with just $5 and extend our reach to 50 additional voters!

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