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Dr. Christopher Kavanau
(Election Day, November 8, 2022)

A "Super Volunteer Leader" for the Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign in 2020, 2021 & 2022, Dr. Kavanau helped manage (as a volunteer, not staff) the vast majority of the state-wide large-scale virtual phone banks for the Digital/Distributed side of PADEMS (not field), that ran from Dec. 1, 2021 to Election Day, (Nov. 8, 2022). For the 2022 Midterm campaign cycle, Dr. Kavanau joined the prior year on Nov. XX 2021 after being recruited in a phone call by the Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign Manager, Noah Dion, where he was asked to reach out to Patty Matos, the Digital/Distriburted Organizing Director who would soon become the PADEMS Digital/Distributed Director. Our state-wide phone banks made 3,374,019 calls from Oct. 11, 2022 to Election Day (Nov. 8, 2022). On Election Day 713,294 calls were made. Dr. Kavanau recruited most of the volunteer leaders for the Election Day shifts. 

Dr. Kavanau also served as the Lead Trainer, Greeter and back-end "Sweeper" for most of the state-wide text banks
of the Coordinated Campaign that ran from Jan. 22 to Nov. 8, 2022. Dr. Kavanau was one of five special "super volunteers" who trained new Sweepers on the back end of the state-wide text banks. Dr. Kavanau also helped devise many of the trainings, and on a special nearly year-long assignment by the Deputy Digital Director of the Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign, Meghan Wasserman, he performed an extensive, and partly real-time updated, multi-dimensional statistical analysis of all the state-wide text banks for both 2021 and 2022.

Dr. Kavanau was also recruited by Team Fetterman on May 23, 2022, to be the Lead Trainer of their text banks, which included helping design their training decks. Dr. Kavanau did this without the slightest diminishment to his personal commitment to the PADEMS phone and text banks by simply volunteering extra hours. Then on Nov. 10, 2022, after General Election Day, for the Georgia runoff, Dr. Kavanau was recruited by the nonprofit 501(c)(3), Reaching Care, to run the operational aspects of all their phone banks into Georgia, including a complete designing all the training, and recruitment of all the volunteer leaders.       



Jenn Whyms



Mr. Evan Casey Lish

Mr. Evan Casey Lish, a United States citizen, has since 2019 partly works as a humanitarian project developer in South America assisting with the Venezuelan Refugee crisis. One important component of that is his training refugees how to build mud cob homes for shelter. Evan was a Colorado delegate for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 campaign and in early 2022, was recruited by Dr. Kavanau to become a volunteer leader with the PADEMS Digital Coordinated Campaign. There he helped run the state-wide phone banks for PADEMS through Election Day............. 

IN PROGRESS BEING BUILT........................................


Mr. John Santana at the White House in 2023

Mr. John Santana first worked as a campaign intern for Susan Wild in 2022. From there...


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