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Take action now.  
Save democracy together. empowers volunteers, voices, and voters to defend democracy and Democrats at the ballot.

Our mission gives power to the people and helps Democrats win. Our volunteers connect with voters, register Democrats, provide voting information, and serve disadvantaged communities. 
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How we win
From thousands of hours of Democratic campaign experience, we use tried and true playbooks for getting out the votes needed to win. We’ve deployed best-in-class technology for dialing, texting, and infrastructure.
Our messaging to voters
  • Pro-democracy talking points

  • Voter registration and deadlines

  • Polling locations, hours, and ID requirements

  • Mail-in ballot procedures

  • Rides to the polls

Join us by donating or becoming a volunteer!

Just $10 extends our reach by nearly 100 additional voters!

Make Your Mark with a Blue Vote!

Volunteer Events

Weekly Phonebanks

Join our weekly virtual phone bank using Scale-to-Win to talk with voters about volunteering and how and when to vote in upcoming primary and general elections.

Weekend of Action

Join us for a June 22nd virtual phone bank using Scale-to-Win to talk with Pennsylvania voters about having a plan to vote in the upcoming November general election. 

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