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During President Biden's tenure, the United States has witnessed unparalleled economic prosperity and critical advancements in societal welfare. The nation has experienced the lowest unemployment rate in peacetime since World War II, marking a historic triumph in job creation and economic stability. Moreover, we've achieved the lowest poverty and uninsured rates ever recorded in American history, reflecting our commitment to inclusive growth and universal healthcare access. Also inflation has been plunging.

The Biden administration's forward-looking investments in infrastructure and climate change initiatives, through the Inflation Reduction Act are laying the groundwork for a sustainable and resilient future. This vision is clearly reflected in the robust performance of the U.S. economy in 2023. Contrary to predictions of a looming recession, the economy not only flourished but also far exceeded expectations. Inflation rates have plunged, aligning with the targets set by the Federal Reserve, signaling a healthy and balanced economic environment. This economic upturn isn't just a statistic; it's a reality felt across the nation. According to the January 2022 Axios Vibes Survey by The Harris Poll, a striking 63 percent of Americans report that their financial situation is good or very good, an affirmation of the tangible benefits brought about by President Biden's leadership.

With these monumental achievements, it's evident that under President Biden's guidance, the United States is not just recovering, but thriving with a renewed sense of hope and progress.

In the current American political climate, a comprehensive argument must be crafted to address the juxtaposition of the above achievements under President Biden's administration and the danger posed by the politics of Donald Trump and his followers. This argument must encapsulate the significance of Biden's administration's successes, the dangers of Trump's ideology, and the broader implications for democracy and global stability.

As noted above, under President Biden, the United States has witnessed remarkable progress, marking a significant turnaround from previous years. The nation has achieved the lowest peacetime unemployment rate since World War II, coupled with historically low poverty and uninsured rates. This has been complemented by future-oriented investments in infrastructure and tackling climate change, laying a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable future.

However, as the saying goes, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." Trump's potential re-election pose a terrifying threat to the American system of collective self-governance. His intentions, as he has made clear, are authoritarianism and lawlessness, including politicizing the Justice Department for personal gain to punish his enemies and reward his friends.

Beyond the alarming state of the American political sphere, two existential threats loom large on the horizon: the increasing threat of nuclear war and the imminent destruction of an environment capable of sustaining human life. These issues are not mere political talking points. As the great intellect Noam Chomsky noted, if any of those two go down, then nothing else matters. The trajectory we are on towards these catastrophes is alarming and necessitates a re-evaluation of our national and global priorities.

Even at a state and local level, alarmingly, there has been a notable uptick in militias' involvement in Republican party activities at various levels, signaling a dangerous normalization of extremism in the democratic process. This trend goes beyond mere participation; it includes intimidation and threats against members within their party who do not align with their antidemocratic views. This development is a significant step in a known pattern that leads to greater political violence, a pattern marked initially by dehumanization and subsequently by normalization of violence against those deemed 'other.'

The trajectory of American politics is alarming, as evidenced by the targeting of pro-democratic Republicans, election officials upholding fair elections, and regular citizens through dehumanization and violence. This trajectory, if not countered, may lead to sustained and heightened violence, fundamentally altering the nature of what it is like to live in America.

Globally, the decline in democratic freedoms is not unique to the United States. Major democracies like India have been downgraded in their freedom status, reflecting a worldwide trend that America, unfortunately, is contributing to. This global shift underscores the urgency of addressing the internal political dynamics in the U.S.

Mr. Trump's actions, particularly his incitement of an armed insurrection against the peaceful transfer of power, are not just political missteps but constitutional violations. These actions directly contradict the Constitution's mandates and fundamentally disqualify him from holding office.

In conclusion, America stands at a crossroads. The achievements under President Biden's administration, though significant, are at risk of being overshadowed by the antidemocratic tendencies of the Trump era. The nation must confront these challenges head-on, reaffirming its commitment to democracy, peace, and environmental sustainability. This requires a rejection of authoritarian impulses and a collective effort to address the profound existential threats facing the country and the world.

At, we are driven by a deep belief in the power of grassroots organizing and the importance of a democracy that truly represents the voices of the people.

We refuse to accept the broken organizing system in campaigns that have led to wasted funding and unfulfilled promises. Our mission is clear: to support Democratic candidates who will wholeheartedly fight for our shared values.

When we envision a better system, we imagine a world where every hard-earned dollar holds tangible significance — a world where each contribution directly contributes to electing candidates who passionately champion progressive policies. We firmly believe that this system should be driven by individuals like yourself — individuals who recognize the urgent need for change and are ready to step forward and make a meaningful difference.

The current state of affairs in campaigns is undeniably disheartening.

Countless millions of dollars are squandered on ineffective TV ads, glossy mailers that ultimately find their way into the recycling bin, and overpaid consultants who struggle to resonate with voters. This inefficient allocation of funds undermines the very essence of democracy itself—a fair and representative system that empowers the voices of the people.

However, we firmly believe that there is a better way—a superior approach that can revolutionize the landscape of political campaigning. Our innovative grassroots model empowers local volunteers and dedicated activists to directly engage with voters, bypassing the wasteful middlemen and embracing a more direct and personal connection.

We invest in cutting-edge technology, employ data-driven strategies, and utilize targeted outreach to maximize the impact of every single dollar.

Through these means, we ensure that our resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, thus generating real and tangible change.

At, we work tirelessly year-round to make a profound difference in battleground states and to help elect Democrats across the nation.

In this vital mission, we invite you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us.

Together, we possess the power to construct a stronger democracy — a democracy that amplifies the voices of the people and elects leaders who will tenaciously labor toward a more progressive future. Stand with, and let us chart the course of our nation's destiny hand in hand.

Please chip in to support our work today.

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